The Leading 6 Functions of a Starvation Runeword in Diablo II

Famine is actually a Runeword used in Axe or even Hammers and also possesses Life leech and also Magic, Fire, Super and Cold weather harm, creating it an achievable alternative for a weapon switch when finding monsters that are actually unsusceptible to d2 items .


An Axe or Knock along with 4 outlets

Runes (so as): Fal + Ohm + Ort + Jah


Amount Required: 65

30% Increased Attack Speed

+320 -370% Enhanced Damage

Disregard Aim at’s Protection

Incorporates 180-200 Miracle Damages

Incorporates 50-200 Fire Harm

Incorporates 51-250 Super Harm

Adds 50-200 Cold Weather Damages

12% Life Stolen Per Reached

Avoid Monster Heal

+10 To Strength

30% Raised Strike Speed

30% IAS behaves, yet it is actually very likely that you will certainly call for other products with IAS for personality to break the maximum breakpoint.

+320 -370% Boosted Damage

An excellent increase to Damages, however loses to the damages potential of the Sorrow Runeword which is actually more affordable.

Dismiss Target’s Protection

This potential does not deal with Champions, Uniques, Employers or even Gamers. Strike Paladins will discover this capability meaningless also, considering that Smite instantly strikes its target.

Includes 180-200 Miracle Harm

Adds 50-200 Fire Harm

Incorporates 51-250 Super Damage

Incorporates 50-200 Cold Weather Damage

Occasionally, while participating in Diablo 2, especially in Hell Difficulty, you are going to stumble upon beasts typically recommended as Bodily Immunes, indicating they are actually unsusceptible bodily harm. For that reason, you must find other means to work damages, as well as magic as well as essential damage are the 2 alternatives.

Magic Damages is actually good, since besides one monster in the entire game, none are immune to magic, and even for gamers, only one singular Crafted Safety and security Shield delivers any kind of protection to miracle at all.

The Magic damages and also three resources of important damage on the Destitution Runeword will definitely keep you covered versus Bodily Immunes, even though they have a couple of additional Elemental Resistance (it are going to be actually a tough fight though!).

12% Lifestyle Stolen Every Attacked.

This is an extremely decent quantity of Life leech, as well as stands up the Destitution Runeword in excellent place, also when thinking about the lessened return from Lifestyle leech on Heck Challenge.

Prevent Monster Heal.

Great in Heck Trouble due to the raised regeneration prices of the beasts, but does not service either manager monsters or gamers.


The opinion on the Destitution Runeword is actually that while its own statistics are respectable and also it provides a worthwhile tool change for those opportunities when you come upon a Physical Immune, the Runes needed for its own production are actually as well costly to validate the expense (they may be a lot better made use of somewhere else). Also, experienced Diablo 2 players favor other options for taking care of Bodily Immunes, and also there are pair of that are actually looked at much more economical as well as efficient: Gimmershred (a distinct stack of axes that can be tossed) as well as Azurewrath (an unique Phaseblade), each are actually viable alternatives on Heck Challenge.

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